• Video analitika sa sigurnosnih kamera

    Advanced video analytics for customer behavior analysis

    Provide your customers an
    exceptional shopping experience

  • Pametni video nadzor

    Crowd management system provides insight into people and vehicles movement, identifies bottlenecks and provide detailed reports helping eliminate security and commercial risks due to crowds.

    Crowd management

  • Zaštita od požara

    Set up foundation for proactive security - identify only relevant events from your video camera

    Add digital brain to your
    video surveillance

Video analytics

All business processes can be analyzed using some sort of data. Even those processes that seem immeasurable. Video content recorded by security cameras contains vast of information, if used properly, it can facilitate business decision process. Tracking movement directions, measuring time spent in the queues, identifying hot spots and dead zones are valuable data for property managers to react accordingly and adjust number of stuff and product positions.

Intelligent video processing

We use deep learning algorithms to process video sequence from surveillance cameras. Our algorithms are robust to video resolution and camera quality and fast enough to process video in real-time.
We do people and object detection, face recognition, age and gender classification, traffic counting and classification.

How it works?

We use deep learning algorithms to understand the content and context of digital images and videos.

Input to our algorithms are video streams from survaillance cameras and outputs are detections and tracklets of people, vehicles and other objects of interest.

Detected objects are classified in different categories, and each object is assigned a set of data such as type, unique ID, spatial coordinates, detection time. Data are further processed and transformed into dashboards and reports.

Regardless of camera quality and resolution, our algorithms achieve state-of-the-art accuracy and real-time processing.

Retail analytics

Visitors counting, movement tracking and dwell time are key data for shop managers to understand if their product strategy is effective or not.

Take advantage of our cloud VMS platform to boost your sales, improve staff productivity, and identify best practices in retail management.



Traffic analytics

Modeling traffic dynamics in urban roads and highways is prerequisite for efficient planning and expansion of transport infrastructure, as well as calculation of RoI (Return of Investment) from toll incomes.

We leverage our experience in computer vision to deploy advanced road traffic analytics. Deep neural network models trained on mass traffic data are able to detect and classify different types of vehicles, recognize license plates, track vehicle movements across the cameras and detect irregular movements (stop lane, lane reserved for public transport, etc.).




Add digital brain to your video surveillance and let it analyze video content for you. Our VCA (Video Content Analysis) platform uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze what's happening in front of your cameras.

Intrusion detection, digital object locking, face recognition, motion tracking are some of the key functionalities of our VCA platform.



Custom solutions

Computer vision and machine learning continuously find new applications in different areas of our lives to quickly solve complex problems. We are excited to hear what particular problem you want to address with CVML (Computer Vision and Machine Learning) and adapt our datasets and model to your particular case.