Smart video surveillance

Now you can access your camera from any place and any device using your favorite web browser.

What makes our product unique?

  • Cloud rešenje koje eliminiše probleme tradicionalnog video nadzora - nema kupovine dodatnog softvera, nema troškova proširenja i održavanja video snimača. Plaćajte samo ono što vam je zaista potrebno
  • Cloud solution eliminates problems of traditional video surveillance - there are no additional cost for licenses, software or DVRs expansion. Pay only capacity that you need.
  • Up to 2 years of video retention
  • Highest level of protection - encrypted video content
  • Automatically switchover to local recordings if internet connection is not available
  • Off pick recordings (after working hours)
  • Per-camera video resolution settings
  • Livestream, search for videos, sending video via email
  • Custom Region of Interest (RoI), motion detection areas and areas where movements are ignored
  • Event notifications for intrusion detection
  • Interactive camera map with locations of surveillance areas
  • Compatible with majority of IP and analog cameras

Lifetime warranty!

With the ultimate goal to offer our customers cost-effective solution, we have included lifetime warranty for video bridge to manage your smart video surveillance system.
Video bridge:

  • Receives and analyzes video captured by cameras
  • Provides temporary storage for your video if internet connection is unavailable
  • Adjusts video bitrate before sending to the cloud
  • Detects any issue with camera
  • Sends video surveillance health information

Combine security with smart business decisions

Smart video surveillance provides analytical function – counts people and objects crossing arbitrarily defined boundaries. Simply activate this feature in your account and monitor dynamics that will help you make smart business decision.